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How HCC Vets Contractors in the Preferred Repair Network

quality contractor for insurance claim repair

Contractors with various specialties are essential to the claims resolution process. We have developed a unique and highly effective system for vetting and matching contractors and other claim repair professionals to insurance carriers.

Combining technology with skilled contractors allows us to deliver powerful resources and data. We are ultimately guiding an effective process for contractor selection and utilization for every insurance company we partner with across the U.S.

How We Leverage Technology to Vet Contractors

At the end of the day, it’s all about serving policyholders. They should have confidence in the contractors restoring their property. Carriers also shouldn’t have to spend endless hours micromanaging every aspect of contractor approvals.

This is where we leverage technology to streamline and automate the gritty details that keep projects on track and on point to close claims faster. 

Here’s a quick look at the technology we use to manage contractors:

XactAnalysis® and Symbility – These are both sophisticated communication platforms for estimating systems. XactAnalysis communicates with Xactimate® and Symbility communicates with Claims Connect™. 

ProfileGorilla – Through a customized API, we utilize this powerful program to manage compliance for all vendors. From certifications to background checks, every vendor profile is maintained with current information.

This ensures every contractor used is always in compliance and validated. It also works on behalf of the contractors who can quickly update availability, territories and critical information to help them surface in the assignment tool without overbooking or showing false availability. 

ProfileGorilla saves an incredible amount of time and energy while managing all of the details for contractor compliance.

Power BI (Real-time analytics) – Say goodbye to static monthly reports. We want carriers to have data at their fingertips, at all times. Real-time access to data means carriers can manipulate and customize reports to gain a better understanding of specific performance points. 

Choose the data you want to understand how contractors are performing and serving your end goals.

Future Technology Additions – We are scoped to evolve and loop in new technologies when they offer valuable additions to our tech stack. Adaptability means we are always leveraging the best systems for vetting and managing contractors in the Preferred Repair Network.


The Step-by-Step Vetting Process

From the initial vendor application to detailed quality control, we have a finger on the pulse of every contractor relationship. Here’s a look into the full cycle:

Phase 1: Request to Join

  • Vendor applies
  • HCC conducts a phone interview

Phase2: Process Request

  • HCC reviews the application, interview, and questionnaire
  • HCC approves or denies vendor’s initial application
  • Approved vendors sign Master Service Agreement (MSA)

Phase 3: Pre-Qualifying Request

  • MSA signature triggers compliance check
  • Service offerings and coverage areas confirmed
  • Approved vendors receive onboarding information from the compliance team

Phase 4: Vendor Activation and Onboarding

  • New Preferred Repair Network vendor activation
  • Vendor completes onboarding training

Phase 5: Vendor Matched with Carrier

  • Carrier requests service from HCC
  • HCC reviews needs and matches with the repair network vendor
  • Requests are exchanged and the vendor accepts
  • HCC notifies the carrier of vendor availability and is deployed

Phase 6: Vendor Completes Work

  • Vendor assesses and performs work
  • Vendor, HCC, and carrier exchange progress updates
  • Vendor notifies HCC of completed work

HCC Confirms, Reconciles & Invoice

  • Vendor sends an invoice to HCC
  • HCC consolidates invoices, reviews line items for accuracy, and sends to the carrier
  • Carrier processes and pays the invoice in full to HCC
  • HCC distributes payment to the vendor

Grading System Drives Vendor Performance

While all compliance, territory management and availability are managed through ProfileGorilla, we take the vetting process further by grading vendors. Contractors have access to transparent data that serves to create healthy competition within the Preferred Repair Network. 

Peer comparisons for average fees, order histories, percentage of representative claims, assignment distribution and a number of other data points are available. Armed with this information, contractors can understand the steps needed to excel within the ecosystem. 

Repair providers specifically have a very in-depth dashboard to guide pricing, monitor performance and push themselves to deliver the most relevant and high-quality services to carriers.


How Policyholders Win with the Preferred Repair Network

The Preferred Repair Network is a
cornerstone in our Full Claims Lifecycle Support Under One Roof story. While all of the technology and data is designed to serve carriers and vendors, it ultimately helps policyholders get back to what matters most.

Through more efficient processes, vetted contractors and managed data, the policyholders receive higher levels of service with faster claims resolutions. Peace of mind when hiring a contractor is always a concern. At HCC, we boost confidence in having highly qualified vendors because of the rigorous vetting process applied to every vendor in the Preferred Repair Network.

See the full extent of our Preferred Repair Network services to efficiently manage contractors and better serve policyholders.

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