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One Roof Story – How We Evolved to Serve a Changing Industry

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Hancock Claims was founded by roofing experts who saw an opportunity to apply their expertise to improving how property claims are handled. The initial business model was focused on helping claims adjusters with roof inspections. Over time, the company grew into a nationwide network of experts to meet the demands of carriers and adjusters for fast and accurate property inspections.

Nowadays, inspections are only one facet of the claims process we are well equipped to support. Hancock Claims Consultants has dedicated itself to assembling a world-class team of insurance claims professionals supported by in-house and industry technology solutions to serve the emerging and future needs of property insurers.

The “One Roof” Story

The insurance industry has seen big changes recently. The traditional, fragmented landscape of service providers supporting carriers has become too cumbersome for them to manage. And many adjusters and professionals are exiting the industry and creating huge staffing challenges.

With a tightening workforce and an increase in big weather events that create claims surges, keeping up and meeting policyholder expectations to process claims is increasingly difficult. Hancock Claims was already a leader in serving the inspection side of the business, and with more demand for assistance across the board, a strategic acquisition brought the robust and reliable networks of experts and contractors of Preferred Repair Network under the Hancock “roof”.

Additionally, having a nationwide field team already in place and ready for response meant we could better serve the needs for estimating and contents services, taking that workload off adjusters’ desks and allowing them more time to focus on managing the policyholder relationship and directing the overall claims process. 

Moving forward with Full Claims Lifecycle Support Under One Roof means Hancock Claims is ready to serve both the pre-adjudication and post-adjudication phases of the property claims process.

The Full Suite of “Under-One-Roof” Services

Carriers and adjusters can now spend less time sorting through various service providers and tedious details by leaning into a centralized suite of services from one partner. 

Inspections – Exterior and interior inspections deliver accurate data directly to the adjusters. Our nationwide team of HAAG Certified inspectors is easy to schedule and the turnaround time is a matter of days rather than weeks of back and forth with independent contractors. We offer ladder assist, full inspections (including post-repair), emergency tarping, and board-up. 

Estimations – Field-to-desk technology (CoreLogic® SettleAssist® ) connects our team with desk adjusters to generate reliable estimates. Best practices are integrated into the technology to meet carrier requirements and save everyone time as every detail is accounted for in real-time. Speed, accuracy, and consistency are all for a lower cost than the traditional approach.

Contents Services – When onsite resources are needed, our nationwide team of contents specialists can quickly produce accurate inventory lists with valuations for each item. Our team meets with the homeowners to help them work through what is often a traumatic process. If a list already exists or onsite service is not needed, we will research and valuate each item for you.

Preferred Expert Services – Finding engineers and experts who know and understand the insurance industry is difficult and time-consuming. Our network of pre-approved experts helps you quickly evaluate special situations while keeping your claims moving forward.

Preferred Repair Network – Contractors are notoriously tricky to source and experienced adjusters have worked with some that shine and some that don’t. We have vetted contractors across a broad spectrum of services and brought them into our network so every job is assigned a service provider that shines. 

Adjusters and Carriers Can Evolve to Save Time and Continue Serving Policyholders

The benefits to adjusters and carriers are realized through time-saving efficiencies and reliable, accurate services. A few reasons our partners use Hancock Claims Consultants include:

  • Single point of contact for a broad suite of services — it’s rare to find a service need we can’t accommodate
  • Convenient vendor payment processing — no more 1099s and sorting through contractor paperwork
  • Exceptional efficiency and time-saving for adjusters and carriers — letting them focus on decision-making and closing claims quickly and accurately
  • Reliable and accurate information helps to resolve claims faster — pairing field experts with the technology needed to bridge gaps

Claims surges present challenges to adjusters as their desk overflows with cases. Scaling capacity across a multitude of needs with any level of efficiency is a huge challenge. Rather than working around the clock to keep up, engaging our nationwide network means the demand will be met. That level of support is unprecedented, and our carrier partners can meet the future demands of claims processing with confidence.

Want to learn more about the evolution of claims processing? Read about our latest conference panel discussion where Hancock Claims discussed how insurance carriers and their support teams must adapt to an evolving industry.

About Hancock Claims Consultants

With a 20-year history supporting property insurers, Hancock Claims Consultants now provides full claims lifecycle support under one roof.  Hancock’s nationwide network of inspectors, contractors, and engineers provides the scale and breadth of support services that adjusters need.  For property inspections and estimating, full contents services, engineering and expert services, and managed repair, we have your claims needs covered.  For more information, please visit

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