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Preferred Repair Network

Skip the legwork.
We have vetted service providers on standby.

Make your policyholders whole again with our preferred providers

Our preferred repair network connects carriers and policyholders with the support they need to reach full restoration. We manage the intensive research and vetting to match each claim with a trusted contractor or service provider.

5-Year Warranty

Move forward with confidence and give your policyholders something to feel good about. Our 5-year warranty is supported by our stringent preferred provider selection process and detailed oversight that ensures every project is made to last.

Our Certified Contractors

From minor repairs to full restoration, our vendors have you covered.

Hancock Claims Preferred Repair Network Contractor

Top-quality providers

Our providers are proven and capable professionals. Remove the risk of bad actors and shady contractors no matter where your claims are located.

managed payment icon

Managed payment processing

We manage the payments to contractors, using escrow to hold funds until each job is complete and payment is approved. Low processing fees save on costs and payment management saves time for adjusters.

Wide range of service

From asbestos mitigation and roof restoration to plumbing and electrical, our network of contractors cover everything. Use them for jobs small and large to restore homes and property quickly and safely.

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High policyholder satisfaction

Contractors and service providers communicate throughout the repair process, helping homeowners understand timelines while gaining confidence in the quality of service.

Our Process

form icon

Step One

repair work

Fill out our simple web form with the location and details for each job. This arms us with the information needed to find a perfect fit.

scheduling icon

Step Two

Schedule a
formal request

After scanning our network, we will review the options and narrow down the list of best-use providers.

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Step Three

Assign a preferred
network provider

When we settle on the best provider for the job, they are assigned to your case and given all the information needed to build an estimate.

QA report icon

Step Four

Initiate an

The contractor delivers an official estimate for review. The project scope and cost are analyzed and approved by all parties.

inventory list icon

Step Five


The final approval is given through official authorization and the work begins.

close claims faster icon

Step Six

Hancock monitors
until complete

We monitor the job to ensure the contractor fulfills all obligations and completes the agreed-upon work.

How Hancock is Leading the Way
in Claims Resolution Services

Complete nationwide coverage

Quickly attend to policyholders regardless of location with access to the largest network of experienced inspection technicians, contents inventory specialists, engineers and contractors. We have no boundaries and can service claims across the country.

stopwatch icon

Fast, full-service claims inspections

Assess property damage endured by your policyholder quickly and easily through our proprietary scheduling system and vast network of technicians. We offer next-day inspections and will electronically send the comprehensive inspection report to the claims adjuster within 24 hours of completing the on-site inspection.

Superior quality and accuracy

Make confident claims decisions with detailed inspections and reports based on regional data compiled from the biggest carriers in the nation.

Save time and money.

The claims process is seamless with a single point of contact and nationwide team of professionals ready to respond to your every need. From savings on accurate contents inventories and flat-rate inspections to instant inspection scheduling and pre-approved contractors, your job has never been easier.

Our Coverage

The largest network of property inspectors and service providers nationwide.

Nationwide service map
Hancock Claims Preferred Repair Network Contractor

Preferred Repair Network FAQ

Hancock’s Preferred Repair Network is a nationwide network of highly qualified insurance contractors and repair professionals. We thoroughly vet each company to ensure their licensure, insurances and performance record meet our standards. We then assign the Best in Class network provider(s) to handle evaluation and repairs based on location, capacity and metrics set in collaboration with each insurance company including, cost, cycle time, quality and customer service. 

Hancock Preferred Repair Network Program Managers follow proven communication processes leveraging our technology and their repair expertise to help close claims quickly and accurately.

From water mitigation services to electronics repair, it’s rare to request contractor or other vendor assistance that falls outside of the scope of Hancock’s Preferred Repair Network. If an insurance carrier or claims adjuster happens to find themselves in that unique situation, we can problem solve together to navigate a speedy solution.

Hancock Claims Consultants holds itself and every vendor it enlists to work with our customers to a rigorous standard of excellence. Our vetting process provides strong assurance vendor complaints will be a non-issue for all parties involved. Preferred Repair Network takes a collaborative approach, working with each carrier partner, to develop a unique roster of vendors tailored to specific carrier’s needs and preferences. We’ll never force a carrier to work with providers they are not comfortable with.

Regardless, we understand issues and escalations will arise. This is where we seek to differentiate ourselves and provide fast, transparent, and effective issue resolution. Our team will immediately acknowledge the issue, gather facts from all parties and work to facilitate the best outcome possible. All issues are tracked and feed into the assignment algorithm so top-performing providers receive more work.

Virtual v. Onsite Roof Inspections:
Which is better?

Provide a best-in-class experience for your customers with timely and accurate inspections completed by our highly-trained technicians.

Explore Corporate Careers

The Hancock corporate team supports a national network of technicians and claims specialists while driving excellent customer service. Explore your opportunities with the best team in the business.

Become a Technician

Hancock Independent contractors enjoy the freedom and flexibility of working their own schedules while being a part of the greater Hancock Claims network.

Become a Service Provider

Join our network of contractors, engineers and professional service providers to access great opportunities and fast payment turnarounds.