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Mitigation In Insurance Claims

Proactive Steps for Mitigating Major Insurance Claims

For a homeowner, any type of property loss in the aftermath of a natural disaster, fire or other unforeseen event can be overwhelming. Not only...

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wildfire claims tips

National Wildfire Awareness Month: Are You Prepared for a Claims Surge?

With National Wildfire Awareness Month upon us, it’s important to remember that claims related to wildfires can surge at any time. Having the right information...

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process claims in hurricane season

Hurricane Season Preparedness: Tips for Adjusters and Insurers

Hurricane season approaches quickly, and it always has the potential to create chaos within insurance companies and adjuster processes.  Part of the issue is the...

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claims consultants

PLRB 2023: What Issues Are Affecting Our Industry Now?

Hancock Claims Consultants was thrilled to be back in live attendance at the 2023 PLRB Claims Conference held in March in Orlando, Florida. While we...

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Claims adjuster challenges

Challenges of CAT Adjusters in an Evolving Insurance Landscape

Professional CAT adjusters face numerous challenges when it comes to claims processing. Handling a large volume of claims during major events can quickly become a...

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Find engineers for insurance claims

Preferred Expert Services: How to Find the Best Engineers for Your Claims Process

Expert services are often a critical part of the insurance claims adjusting process. There are times when experts are needed immediately to take a deep...

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quality contractor for insurance claim repair

How HCC Vets Contractors in the Preferred Repair Network

Contractors with various specialties are essential to the claims resolution process. We have developed a unique and highly effective system for vetting and matching contractors...

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Find contractors for insurance claims

Why You’ll Never Need an Independent Repair Contractor Again

The future of property claims restoration is here…and it’s easier! When a large-scale disaster strikes, such as a tornado or hurricane, time is precious to...

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insurance claims technology

Part 2: How to (Actually) Close Claims Faster Using Insurance Claims Technology

Full Claims Lifecycle Support Under One Roof – Part 2: Post-Adjudication In Part 1 of this blog, we talked about the evolution of the property...

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Insurance claims technology

Part 1: How to (Actually) Close Claims Faster Using Insurance Claims Technology

Full Claims Lifecycle Support Under One Roof, Part 1: Pre-Adjudication The property insurance claims industry is currently experiencing a major evolution that seems to be...

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Insurance claims service providers

One Roof Story – How We Evolved to Serve a Changing Industry

Hancock Claims was founded by roofing experts who saw an opportunity to apply their expertise to improving how property claims are handled. The initial business...

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Hancock Claims Consultants team

Three Major Shifts Impacting the Property Claims Industry and How to Successfully Adapt

“The insurance claims process is evolving. Expectations of policyholders are evolving. And, one of the key challenges that insurance carriers are experiencing now is that...

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Virtual v. Onsite Roof Inspections:
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