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Fast, accurate property inspections from the largest network of certified experts.

Helping your homeowners
get back to what matters.

Nationwide rapid deployment teams on standby.

300+Metropolitan Cities

We serve over 300 metropolitan cities in over 47 states and can travel
to virtually any city in the nation.

Nationwide rapid deployment teams on standby.

24-48Hour Deployment

Hancock Claims prides itself on the ability to rapidly deploy
to any area within 24-48 hours.

How We Help

Helping insurance carriers better serve their policy holders since 2003.

Our Services

Support for every step of the claims process.

Direct Inspections & Estimating

Hancock offers direct inspections and estimates while working directly with the homeowner.

Ladder Assist

Assist with high and steep pitch roof inspections to ensure a thorough and complete inspection on every job.

Emergency Tarping & Boarding

Mitigate damage with tarping and boarding to shield the affected area.

Underwriting Inspections

We dig deep with intensive inspections that guide underwriting and policy determination.

Our Certified Technicians

Improving the claims process from rooftops to laptops.

Hancock employee during property inspection

Highly experienced

Our technicians work as an extension of your team and have a background in roofing, construction, or claims adjusting.

Certified and licensed

We recruit, hire, and train the best property inspectors nationwide and ensure they meet our exacting performance standards for accountability and accuracy.

Classroom and field training

Our team of property inspection technicians receive training calibrated explicitly for each carrier’s unique requirements.

Quality assurance

Since 2003, Hancock Claims has been a consistent leader in nationwide coverage, response time, well-trained inspectors, and industry awards.

Why Hancock Claims

The top property inspectors across the nation

Provide a best-in-class experience for your customers with timely and accurate inspections completed by our highly trained technicians.

Complete inspection and report within 24 hours

Get to your customers faster with our proprietary scheduling system and vast network of technicians. We offer next-day inspections and will return your full comprehensive inspection report within 24 hours of completing the inspection.

Superior quality and accuracy

Make confident decisions with detailed inspections and reports based on regional data compiled from the biggest carriers in the nation.

Inspectors available in every state

Quickly attend to policyholders regardless of location with access to the largest network of trained roof and property inspection technicians.

Our Coverage

The largest network of property inspectors nationwide.

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hancock employee roof inspection

Virtual v. Onsite Roof Inspections:
Which is better?

Provide a best-in-class experience for your customers with timely and accurate inspections completed by our highly-trained technicians.

Corporate Careers

The Hancock corporate team supports a national network of technicians and claims specialists while driving excellent customer service. Explore opportunities with the best team in the business.

Become a Technician

Team in Blue technicians enjoy robust opportunities with maximum flexibility in scheduling and resources. Explore opportunities in this exciting field.