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Part 2: How to (Actually) Close Claims Faster Using Insurance Claims Technology

insurance claims technology

Full Claims Lifecycle Support Under One Roof – Part 2: Post-Adjudication

In Part 1 of this blog, we talked about the evolution of the property claims industry. Insurers are dealing with a lot right now in keeping up with demand from extreme weather, progressing customer expectations and a tightening workforce. Claims leaders and adjusters are leaning into tech with varying levels of success due to a fragmented, cumbersome network of providers.

Here is a recap of how Hancock Claims is using streamlined tech and service solutions to relieve the pressure and help accelerate pre-adjudication with clarity and accuracy.

Property Inspections

  • Our custom claims management system helps claims teams scale quickly by enabling 24/7 online scheduling of interior and exterior inspection services.
  • Desk adjusters have on-demand access to our nationwide network of 500 techs who are available within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Automated notifications can be customized to keep carriers, adjusters and policyholders up to date on scheduling and reporting. 


  • Using leading field-to-desk estimation technology, Hancock’s field inspectors provide complete, accurate information to your desk adjusters in real-time. 
  • Claims cycle times are reduced by half with faster carrier-directed estimates.

Contents Services

  • Hancock’s team of trained contents specialists can deploy anywhere in the U.S. to provide an objective helping hand in accurately assessing and valuing a policyholder’s loss. 
  • A real-time feed connects desk adjusters to each item uploaded into the database, so indemnification can be completed quickly and fairly.  

Post-Adjudication: How We Use Streamlined Tech to Get the Claim Closed Faster

Finalizing a claims decision to move it to post-adjudication on our way to full restoration can become a long, drawn-out process. A desk adjuster needs to be able to look at a complete report to be certain about the origin of damages and what it will truly take to return the policyholder to a pre-claim state. But, finding qualified engineers and experts who know and understand the insurance industry is difficult and time-consuming.

Preferred Expert Services

Hancock’s Preferred Expert Services provides skilled engineers, building consultants, appraisers and other qualified professionals to support adjusters in the decision-making process for their claims. These experts help identify the cause of damage, determine how long the damage has existed, advise adjusters on necessary repair or replacement, and help negotiate the cost of loss. We can also provide post-repair inspections and Clerk of the Works services.

When the need for structural evaluations and specialized experts arises, a desk adjuster can, in one step, initiate Hancock’s process to assist quick and accurate claims resolutions:

  1. Make a request: The desk adjuster submits the details of the claim via Hancock’s online form to help us determine what type of expert is needed for the specific problem.
  2. Deploy support: Hancock engages an engineer or other pre-approved specialist from our nationwide network and supplies them with all the pertinent information, so they can quickly evaluate the project and move toward a resolution.
  3. Plan & communicate: Hancock shoulders the load of coordinating a time between the expert, the contractor and the policyholder to update estimates or accomplish specific needs.
  4.  Receive updates: Our specialized experts leverage technology to load data automatically for the desk adjuster. Hancock is also able to track when regular updates or information is pending or past due.
  5. Evaluate with confidence: We confirm that the report has all the necessary elements so the adjuster can make a complete and informed claim decision the first time.
  6.  Finalize plans: When repairs are approved and engineers are required, our network can also draft permitting plans to move each claim closer to resolution.

Hancock leverages technology every step of the way to manage all communication and automate workflows. This keeps carriers and adjusters in the loop on provider assignments, inspection updates, report communications and invoicing. 

Preferred Repair Network

Once a claims decision is complete and it’s time to begin restoring the policyholder to their pre-claim state, finding a dependable, trusted contractor is notoriously tricky. Experienced adjusters have worked with some that excel and some that don’t when it comes to timeliness, cost and follow-through.

Hancock’s Preferred Repair Network is a nationwide network of highly qualified insurance contractors and repair professionals. From asbestos mitigation and roof restoration to plumbing and electrical, it’s rare to request contractor or other vendor assistance that falls outside of the scope of Hancock’s Preferred Repair Network.

We also rigorously vet each company to ensure their licensure, insurances and performance record meet our standards. No matter where your claim is located, we can help you find the right contractor to meet your service expectations.  

Similar to the Preferred Expert Services network, a desk adjuster can initiate repair work in one simple step and connect with highly qualified insurance contractors and repair professionals to ensure quality repairs and shortened cycle times:

  1. Make a request: The desk adjuster submits the details and location of the work through our simple online form, XactAnalysis or Symbility. This arms us with the information we need to find the ideal contractor for the job.
  2. Deploy support: A Hancock specialist scans our network and narrows down the list of best-use providers. Once a contractor is selected, they are assigned to your case and given all the information needed to complete the assignment.
  3. Evaluate with confidence: The contractor delivers an official estimate for review, and the project scope and cost are analyzed and approved by all parties.
  4.  Authorize the work: The final approval is given through official authorization and the work begins.
  5. See the job through: Hancock monitors the job to ensure the contractor fulfills all obligations and completes the agreed-upon work on time and on budget.

Hancock’s claims technology integrates with your internal systems to automate communications and ensure that everyone stays in the loop. Things like scheduling, progress and completed work are communicated to policyholders and adjusters.

Reducing Stress and Cutting Cycle Times Through Expert Partnerships

Carriers and adjusters can now spend less time sifting through a database of various service providers and tedious details by leaning into a centralized suite of services all provided Under One Roof.

Hancock Claims Consultants is proud to work alongside our industry’s top tech partners, expert technicians and skilled service providers. We are dedicated to unifying them into a single claims service ecosystem that creates ease and efficiency for our carrier partners.

See how all of Hancock’s services come together to provide Full Claims Lifecycle Support Under One Roof.

About Hancock Claims Consultants

With a 20-year history supporting property insurers, Hancock Claims Consultants now provides full claims lifecycle support under one roof.  Hancock’s nationwide network of inspectors, contractors, and engineers provides the scale and breadth of support services that adjusters need.  For property inspections and estimating, full contents services, engineering and expert services, and managed repair, we have your claims needs covered.  For more information, please visit

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